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No Time to Blog


Been working hard, no time to blog ... find me on Twitter and Facebook until I find time to start again!

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Underage Gambling on Video Games is Here


Every gamer, every parent, and everyone who are concerned about potential underage gambling should read this article. The top post

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Gambling, Fantasy Sports, and Las Vegas


I was planning on writing this article before the Daily Fantasy Scandal was revealed. I’ll touch on that as

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I was on ESPN again today!


Let me just say this again, if you haven't already heard it -- Chad Millman and ESPN are truly breaking

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Satoru Iwata


I was super sad to hear about the passing of Satoru Iwata. He was an amazing leader, and a key

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Worst PR Pitch Ever


Hard to explain what happened, I'm not even sure this video does it justice. The bottom line is a PR

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Binary Leads Unikrn Series A


I’m humbled and very excited to announce that Unikrn just completed its Series A. Check out this mad press

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Ivy League Universities will offer Scholarships on eSports


Okay parents, get ready to have your minds blown. Next time you tell your kids to get off the computer,

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I'm proud of my little girl


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our daughter just graduated from High School. What’s unique about

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