It's Official: Halo 2 on the PC Sucks!

If you own a Gaming PC, or you're about to buy a high end Blackbird - don't waste your money on Halo 2 for the PC. This is easily the worst use of high performance hardware that I've seen in years (no offense Microsoft - but you should know better!).

Microsoft/Bungee, please don't do direct ports from the XBOX to the PC unless you improve the graphics and resolution! The experience that Halo 2 delivers is terrible, and you know damn well a PC can spit out graphics 100 times better than an XBOX 360 can.

This is like the worst example of Games for Windows - and certainly among the least compelling reason to buy a Windows Live Gold account.

I just wasted 30 minutes of my life installing this thing, now I have to clean it up. Friggin Half Life 2 is a thousand times better than this game and it's old!

Ugh.. what a disappointment.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for letting your thoughts be known Rahul.

"Microsoft/Bungee, please don't do direct ports from the XBOX to the PC unless you improve the graphics and resolution!"

My request is even easier: release the PC version somewhere within the remote zip code of the xbox release.

If Halo2 PC was released within a couple months of the Xbox release, I wouldn't have complained too terribly about a direct port. If Halo3 PC is released sometime in 2007, PC gamers would likely grab it up in droves (well...I guess there will be some stiff competition from Crysis, UT3, etc, but I digress). But a direct port of Halo2, with no improved graphics, years after its xbox release seems more like spit in my eye than Microsoft supporting the PC gaming community that they supposedly treasure. I fart in MS's general direction.

Rahul Sood said...

No trust me, Halo 2 before or after the XBOX 360 version sucks on the PC. It looks mickey-mouse, the graphics are garbage - it doesn't take advantage of high resolution displays...etc.. it just sucks and blows at the same time.

Duoae said...

Yeah, i pretty much agree with what's been said here. I bought Halo 2 because i liked Halo CE (both the story and gameplay) now, after playing Halo 2 it feels like a less-polished, incomplete and badly-designed game in comparison with the first. You can almost tell that pretty much all the effort went into the multiplayer side and not much on the singleplayer.

While my PC isn't the latest and greatest (P4 3GHz, 6800) it should at least run Halo 2 with decent performance..... but no, even on the lowest settings it stutters on the cutscenes (though it's fine during the gameplay). MS just wanted to shoe-horn some "DX10 features" into a game that doesn't need them and instead ended up ruining the already lacklustre experience.

MERCURY said...

I pity anyone who's grandma goes dishes out 50 bucks on a copy of Halo 2 for the PC for Xmas. Aren't you supposed to get wiser with age?

Damnit grandma, why didn't you know better?

nox said...

The way you refer to the game in the article and your comment kinda makes it seem like its an Xbox 360 game, while it can be played on the 360 with BC, its an Xbox game. Xbox 360 games look alot better. The PC can do graphics 100 times better than an Xbox but not 100 times better than a 360 maybe 10 times better =]