Concept Cars at CES

We have this thing at HP, or I suppose at every company - where we blend various technologies and come up with product concepts, which at some point we know will never be released to the public.  I currently have a few of these concept products, they're really quite cool.  I've been testing things from interesting projectors and displays to really unique notebooks.  Well this year at CES Phil McKinney is going to be talking about innovation and you'll likely see a cool concept that our business unit was working on up until recently.

If you're sharp, you'll have seen this prior to CES at some point.  

By the way, we're also launching a really crazy new product, something that I believe has the potential of re-landscaping the high performance computing space.  I'm serious - this thing is truly awesome.  If you're just as tired as the typical gluttony and excess in the gaming/high performance space as I am - then prepare to weep with joy.

You can check it all out at CES.  Perhaps CES won't be as big as it has been historically, but it's quality not quantity that matters.


Br said...

Since Voodoo is with HP, this "crazy new product" could may as well be a Voodoo PC right? *prays hard*

Go voodoo go

WSmart said...

One; a mobo that cables the PCIe lanes off the mobo so you can customize the number, type and spacing of the slots and also the number of lanes per slot.

Two; support for quad LCD's so I could use 4x15” and get up to 4096x3072 using four humble 15” LCD's.

Three; support for RAID 0 optical drives so I could use several optical drives together to increase performance. Blu-ray 4x is 18 MB/s, so that's about 2x regular DVD-including a liberal adjustment for the angular velocity read(CAV)(less then half the max speed). A four drive RAID0 setup would be sweet.

No, it's not practical or needed, but it would be fun which turns out be a large part of why people buy computers.

Be real, be sober.