HP Voodoo Exclusive on Firefly

Above is an image of a custom "Whitebird" we created for Shaun White the famous Snowboarder.  It's a pretty awesome system, showing off some of the customization we've been able to do with Blackbird over the last couple of years.

Many people have been asking us where our "Mobile Blackbird" might be.  We have been working on a number of concepts, and we continue to do so.  We decided to give Laptop Magazine the exclusive peep at one of our concept high performance notebooks codenamed f1r3fly.

This notebook is pretty insane - I suppose to call it a notebook is a bit of a stretch, it's more like a mobile Blackbird.  I currently use mine for any application. It features the latest technology from Intel along with ATI Crossfire. It also has the most deadly speaker system we could create, not to mention a very unique keyboard and multi-touch touchpad layout. 

This is a concept, mind you, and we likely will not release this particular model. We have a number of things we're working on - but we're not ready to talk about them yet. This notebook will be shown at Phil's keynote at CES.

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Will Higgins said...

I like the look of it, I like that it's got ATI inside, and the specs sound reasonable and not over the top.

I have to say I don't like the secondary screen, but it still looks like a good computer.