My thoughts on H-Palm...

For the purpose of this article I'm going to remove my HP hat. This is my own personal opinion.

This acquisition could be incredibly accretive for HP.

Web OS offers an amazing opportunity, I'm just dreaming of the possibilities, but can you imagine? I never thought I'd see the day when HP would have their own OS, and a nice one at that.

HP likely didn't buy Palm because of their sales (this should be obvious). With HP's absolutely gigantic global scale, Palm offers the largest possible sales channel they could ever dream of.

In an ideal world, developers will now flock to Web OS for one reason which I can say in one word.... Opportunity.

Literally thousands of apps are being developed for Apple and Google's ecosystem every week - and quite honestly they should think about getting in line NOW for Web OS. The opportunity for developers to create and self publish their titles on Palm's Web OS could go up exponentially.

Palm Phones are very good, and likely the enormous scale of HP will only improve them.

I am hoping this deal works out the way I think it will - I love the idea, I think it's a master stroke for HP.

Putting my HP hat back on, and I'm just glad this happened. ...can't wait to get my new phone.