Did HP Make a Mockery of ENVY?

I stumbled across this article on HP and how they made a mockery of ENVY.  Below is the copy and a link .... What do you think?
HP’s Envy brand used to be the Cadillac of the computing world, before it started stamping it on everything in sight.
I was browsing the aisle of my least hated computer hardware retailer when I saw it: Sleek. Black. Chrome. It was…an HP Envy printer.
Did my eyes deceive me? They did not. As I walked closer, I saw that the Envy signage on the boxes below the printer matched that on the printer itself. It was true. HP had developed an Envy printer and put it out to the public.
That’s the exact moment I knew the Envy sub-brand had jumped the shark.
The fairy tale
Once upon a time there lived a powerful king known as Hewlett-Packard. He was successful, but he had a problem. Everything he produced was generic and dull – his every action seemed plodding and mundane. People praised him for his practically, but he was boring. His brilliance faded as his opponents gained popularity.
The king consulted his advisors and devised a plan. He would court a stylish, intelligent princess who could reinvigorate the king’s passion. One of his peers, Baron Dell, already had done the same. So the king went a-courting and soon married the popular and passionate Princess Voodoo.