Min-Liang Tan on Razer ...

There is a great article in the Verge on Razer with an interesting quote:

"In the '90s, Voodoo PC built high-end desktops and laptops with gamers in mind. HP bought Voodoo in 2006. But by 2010, HP gave up on Voodoo, and Voodoo's influential founder Rahul Sood left HP for a post at Microsoft working with startups. Essentially, Voodoo and Sood worked toward the same goals that Razer and Tan are reaching for now. Both companies and entrepreneurs have a desire to rebuild the PC market and both looked to gaming PCs to work toward the realization of their vision. Sood, who has described Razer as picking up where Voodoo left off, now sits on Razer's board of directors. After joining Razer's board, Sood told Tan he should never sell his company."